“At the Wanalea Children's Home, the children were waiting for us, all lined up, singing with sweat and beautiful voices. I lived with them for some weeks. I was also an orphan there, beautifully welcomed at that Center in Kenya, in a rural area, near Nairobi and near the Kware slums, a mirror of a true and real Africa.”

Rita Campos, ADDHU’s 1st volunteer in Kenya


The international volunteering program in Kenya was launched in July 2008, with the departure of one Portuguese volunteer whose mission was to provide care and support to the children of the newly established Wanalea Children’s Home. Until this moment, ADDHU has sent more than 80 volunteers to support and assist the children of the Wanalea Children's Home, as well as the children of the Kitui Ndogo/Majengo slums.


The presence and the work of the volunteers have been extremely important for the healthy and positive development of the children. They have acquired hygiene and proper conduct habits, there are more open and communicative, they have done amazing progresses in school and they are even starting to speak some words of Portuguese! ADDHU would like to thank all the volunteers for the moments of joy and happiness they have given to our children, and for their precious contribution to this project.

Duration of the Mission: 

From 2 weeks to 3 months. 


Provided by ADDHU in an apartment close to the Centre that can accommodate up to 3 volunteers. Hot water shower and kitchen available. 


All the meals will be provided by the Wanalea Centre, according to the weekly menu established by ADDHU.

Transportation (local): 

Weekly pocket money provided by ADDHU for public transport fees.

Activities with the children:

- English lessons, homework and school support;
- Civic education and character development;
- Teaching hygiene and safety habits, as well as proper behavior rules;
- Helping to prepare the children and coordinate all of their activities and routines;
- Arts and crafts.

Working in the Wanalea Children's Home:

- Helping with cooking, cleaning and other household chores;
- Repairs and renovation works (painting, etc.);
- Working in the farm/vegetable garden.

Working in the Kitui Ndogo/Majengo slums: 

- Assisting with the preparation/serving of meals for the School Feeding Program and cleaning the canteen and utensils used for cooking;
- Sports and games with the children.



- Minimum age: 21 years

- Speak english fluently

- Be physically and psychologically fit to go on a volunteering mission

- Have a very good capacity to adapt to difficult and rudimentary conditions

- Be available to participate in an evaluation and selection process prior to the departure



500€ for 2 weeks; 650€ for 3 weeks; 750€ for 1 month; 1000€ for 2 months; 1250€ for 3 months.

Travel Costs:

Supported by the volunteer.

* This donation reverts entirely in favor of the Wanalea Children’s Home in Nairobi, benefiting and improving the life conditions of the children we support.

For more information, please contact:

Carolina Vasconcellos
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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