In partnership with the Kenyan NGO FOC (Foundation for Orphaned Children), ADDHU supports the children from the Kitui Ndogo slum, assisting them with food, healthcare and education.

Located in Nairobi, the Kitui Ndogo/Majengo slums have approximately 25,000 slum dwellers that live in conditions of extreme poverty, with less than 1 USD per day, being that more than half the population is unemployed. Around 70% of the Kitui Ndogo population is under the age of 15 and an estimated 15% is affected by HIV/AIDS, mostly women and children.


The average size of a shack is 3.5m x 3.5m. These shacks, that may house up to 8 people or more, many having to sleep on the floor, are usually made of mud and dirt, sometimes reinforced with concrete, with tin roofs and concrete or dirt floor. The monthly cost is 7-10€. Few houses have electricity, or access to canalized water. The cost of 20 liters of water is 3KES, and this water is not fit for consumption, frequently causing diseases such as typhoid or cholera. There are no basic sanitation systems, sewers or waste disposal systems. There is one “bathroom” (latrine) for the whole slum, and it costs around 25 KES, or 0,25€, to use it.

Food insecurity and hunger are the major problems pointed out by the community and by the children’s families. Most children living in this slum do not even get one meal a day and there are many cases of malnutrition. This problem also affects the children’s education as many of them drop out of school or have serious concentration problems that result in a poor school performance.


In June 2012, ADDHU launched a school feeding program that currently benefits around 80 children from the Kitui Village Nursery School. Aged from 2 to 6 years, these children receive two daily meals in school through ADDHU’s aid program: breakfast and lunch. This is a life-saving program that really makes a difference, keeps children in school and improves their academic performance.

As the Kenya struggles to deal with a severe food crisis that has dramatically increased the prices of the most basic food products, ADDHU considers this program as a priority and our objective is to ensure its continuity and expand it in order to reach more needy children in the Kitui Ndogo/Majengo slums!

You can make a contribution to our School Feeding Program, and feed a child in the Kitui Ndogo slums!


How can I feed a child?

A monthly contribution of 10 Euros / 15 USD will allow us reach more needy children in the slums with our School Feeding Program. You can feed a child for less than 50 cents per day! 

For more information about our Feed a Child program, please send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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