Volunteer Maria Alegria

“It was the best month of my life! From the moment I arrived to the Centre, the children welcomed me very well, and by the end of the day we were all friends! It was amazing to wake up every morning with the children at the window of my room saying “Good morning Maria!! I love you Maria!”, and before bedtime, they always asked me “Give me a kiss Maria…!”.

The day at the Centre is full of joy and laughter, music and dance! It is wonderful to see the children singing and dancing with all the energy of the Universe and more! It was the most amazing experience of my life! And all the words in the dictionary are not enough to describe or explain the special and unique meaning of everything I experienced!

Everything those children gave me has filled my life with color and magic! And every day I miss them, I want to go back and hold them... Because each one of them is a shinny star in my sky...”

Voluntários da ADDHU no Quénia


Volunteer Filipa Machado:

“I cannot write a testimony about my volunteering mission without emphasizing the admiration I have for Laura and ADDHU, and for the daily efforts they make to help these children in Kenya. You have to go through this experience to realize and understand the real dimension of the difficulties and obstacles they have to overcome to support these children.

I consider myself privileged for having had the opportunity to go through this experience. We certainly have much to learn with nobility of these children who have already been through so much, and yet, they have an amazing capacity to give and share. They are very special!

However lives this experience, will awake and grow to the spirit of mission. It isn’t possible to go through this without learning and understanding the true meaning of social consciousness. Having accomplished this step simply made me realize that there is much to do, not only in Kenya or Nepal, but right here beside us.

This is certainly the biggest lesson we take from this experience: what we consider to be little can mean so much for who receives it!”

Voluntários da ADDHU no Quénia


Volunteer Filipa Fialho:

"It’s been 3 months today (18.01.2010) since we landed in Lisbon with our hearts full of this amazing experience but also small and missing everything, everyone we left behind, everything we brought with us. Inside of us. It’s been 3 months and there isn’t a single day where I don’t think about Irene’s shy smile, Mercy’s dexterity, the sweetness of my beautiful Eufi, Susan’s resourcefulness and maturity. I can still smell the orphanage. I can still feel the touch of the skin of “our children”. I still wake up remembering the joyful mess they did since 6 in the morning! These children are SO happy! And I am even MORE HAPPY since they have entered my life! There’s in no doubt: the Wanalea Project requires a lot of courage, not to go... but to come back! Thank you ADDHU!!"

Voluntários da ADDHU no Quénia


Volunteer Marta Ribeiro:

“Eighteen days have passed since I left Kenya (and it seems much more in reality), with a lot of stories to tell and to think about, with my heart full, and with a lot of motivation. Motivation to go back. To do more. To help. To make a difference.

This was the journey of my life (interior and exterior). Everything went so well, from my arrival to my departure.

It was a truly unique experience, human, challenging, beautiful and full of magic. All they words are not enough to describe the feelings of what I have experienced...”



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