Nepal is characterized by the extreme poverty of its population and a low social-economic development, aggravated by the political instability that resulted from a recent civil war that ended with the signature of a Comprehensive Peace Agreement in November 2006, but doesn’t guarantee the political, economical and social rights of its citizens..

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According to the official data of the UNDP – United Nations Development Program – the Human Development Index places Nepal in the 138º position among a total of 177 countries. Thirty-eight percent of the Nepalese population lives below the poverty line, especially the rural communities, although we can identify some poverty pockets in specific locations, associated to specific ethnic groups.

ADDHU’s project of cooperation for development is inserted in a general context of eradication of extreme poverty and food insecurity, aimed at a specific group of the population living in a remote rural area.

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In Setember 2006, Laura Vasconcellos enrolled in a volunteering mission in Nepal through an international British agency. She was placed in the region of Chitwan, in the village of Sharampur, where she gave assistance to a small orphanage, having then the opportunity to witness and acknowledge the needs of the local populations, who live in extreme poverty conditions, with no basic sanitation or electricity, and very limited access to drinking water, health care and education.

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In this context, ADDHU has implemented several humanitarian relief programs, in order to improve the living conditions of the poor populations of Nepal, promoting development in the rural areas and contributing to the reduction of poverty.

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