Volunteer Jorge Dias:

“It all started with Laura Vasconcellos’ book “From the Other Side of the World - Letters from Burma”!! I’m thankful for having found this book that led me to ADDHU!

I had already travelled to a few Asian countries, and I still feel a great fascination for “the other side of the world”, but it’s the people we meet that make our spirit grow!!

Nepal was one of those experiences. But the moments I recall the most are the first and the last days.

As soon as I arrived to Mangalpur’s school, the happiness the children showed was amazing.

As a Physical Education teacher, I could do what I like the most! I’m certain that, in a way, I “won” more than the children from my presence and lessons, because the experience was truly overwhelming for me!

After 4 months, I’m still in touch with Prakash and other people I met in Nepal! The Mangalpur community received me with open arms. Even with those who don’t speak English, you can spend hours exchanging works and emotional signs in a warm and tropical environment, at the sound of a language that is totally strange to us.

At this moment, I only know I will go back some day and the truth is that I cannot translate into words everything I experienced there!

Namastê Nepal, Namastê ADDHU”

Voluntários da ADDHU no Nepal


Volunteer Filipa Rodrigues:

“Namasté Nepal!

It’s been 6 months since I’ve returned from my mission in Nepal and, since then, I still haven’t been able to put in words everything I felt during that month, while I was living in Nepalese.

This was my first experience as a volunteer and it was truly rewarding, as a human being, to have been in that country. To feed myself, literally, of Nepalese culture. I would do it all over again, with the conviction that each time I returned, my work, and my presence would be even more significant. Because you need to learn. To learn how to live the culture, the desires, to understand our limitations and the limitations of the people who receive us...

Our work was to share. To share and receive different ways of seeing the same, different ways of being a person. It was to teach English so they can talk to the wind, to show that hygiene is important and protects us, and most importantly, it was learning so much more! That the earth is much bigger than we imagined, that the truth isn’t always ours, that what we consider to be poor can simply be enough, can perfectly be enough.

It was perfectly enough to help me grow. Today I am “bigger” for having greeted all the people in the village with a sincere Namasté.”

Voluntários da ADDHU no Nepal

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