Between April 2013 and April 2014, the Wanalea Family has grown! We went from 27 to 31 children!



In April 2014, we welcomed Bathsheba Ebisiba, a six-year-old girl from the rural region of Kisii. She is the sister of Fred, who has been under ADDHU's custody since June 2008, and of Edwin Onyego, rescued in November 2012. On July 23rd of 2013, we welcomed little Juliet, Fred, Edwin Onyego and Bathsheba's younger sister. As her brothers, Bathsheba and Juliet were rescued from a situation of total abandonment and negligence. ADDHU is thus maintaining its efforts to reunite brothers and sisters, according to what has always been our vision for the Wanalea Children's Home: giving a family to children who never had one.




On July 30th 2013, it was Alvis Musyoki's turn to join the family. Alvin is a three-year-old boy who comes from the Kitui Ndogo slum where ADDHU has been working for the over six years. Alvin was in a situation of extreme risk: on the streets, he was abandoned by his mother in a dumpster, where he was the victim of all kinds of abuse, among which sexual and physical violence. The alert was given by the community and the local authorities. Thanks to ADDHU's local team's fast and efficient action, Alvis was rescued and taken to the Wanalea Children's Home where he will have all the support, care and protection he needs.



In 2014, we also welcomed Ivan Omar Chupa, an eight-year-old boy from the Kitui Ndogo slum, where he lived with an HIV-positive lady, since he is an orphan and has no family alive. ADDHU had been supporting Ivan for over six years. Unfortunately, the lady who had been helping us take care of Ivan no longer could do so given her extremely fragile health, and asked us to welcome him at the Wanalea Children's Home in order to ensure his basic needs. Ivan is a slightly shy boy, but he always has a smile on his face and he easily adapted to his new life at the Centre.




Click here to watch the video of Juliet's arrival

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