ADDHU (Association for the Defense of Human Rights) is an international Non-Governmental Organization for Development, with no political or religious orientations. ADDHU’s mission is to implement and develop projects and programs of Education for Global Citizenship, Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Assistance both at national and international levels, namely in Kenya in Nepal, where ADDHU supports orphan and vulnerable children, as well as teenage mothers and needy rural communities who live in extreme poverty conditions, by improving their lives and promoting their sustainable development.

ADDHU was founded in 2006 by Laura Vasconcellos, a writer and university teacher who, after travelling to Burma in 1997, decided to answer the appeal made by the local population: “be our voice outside”.


We believe development and humanitarian assistance are the first steps, of vital importance, in the defense of human rights and human dignity. We plan all of our interventions not in a purely "assistencialist" perspective, but in a perspective of empowerment of the local populations and communities, creating the conditions for an effective and sustainable development of these populations. In order to achieve our goals, we have adopted a partnership approach with the communities we support, which allows us to have an intimate understanding of their real needs. We believe the best solutions lie within people and the communities themselves, and the partnership work is fundamental for the success of our projects and to create solutions that have a lasting and positive impact. The partnership approach allows us to achieve our main goal: to teach communities to be self-reliant and to make it on their own.

Our Mission

To provide assistance to children and families in need while promoting the sustainable development of the communities we assist and developing a global civic consciousness and awareness within the portuguese population, namely the youth.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where every human being, without regard to race, color, gender, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status, enjoys all the rights and freedoms set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Our Core Values

  • Transparency and Accountability: We provide reports on our activities and funds to our members, partners, donors, and the general population.

  • Rigor: Our commitment is towards all those who benefit from our actions, as well as those who support us.

  • Responsibility: Our projects are financially responsible and socially fair.

  • Justice: We guarantee the protection of human rights to our beneficiaries.

  • Political and Religious Independence: We act with or without the sympathy and support of political or religious institutions.

  • Solidariedade: We provide help to Nepal, Kenya, immigrants and to the Portuguese people. Our actions know no borders.

  • Respect for Human Rights and Dignity: Our actions know no discriminatory barriers; we help everybody in an equal manner.


Our Commitment

To ensure that the funds we receive are applied appropriately to our projects and activities, in accordance with the values of Responsibility, Transparency and Efficiency.

To plan our field interventions and actions not in a purely assistencialist perspective but in a perspective of empowerment of the local populations and communities, allowing an efficient and sustainable development of these populations and working towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals established by the UN.


ADDHU is a registered international charity, recognized as an NGDO by the Camões Institute, Institute for Cooperation and Language, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, according to the Articles 8th e 12th, Law 66/98, October 14. ADDHU is also a member of the Portuguese NGDO Platform.



Board of Directors

Laura Vasconcellos - President and Founder

Maria Só de Noronha - Treasurer, IT

Tomás Paes de Vasconcellos - Secretary


Fiscal Council

Thomaz de Mello Paes de Vasconcellos - President

Filipe Aguiar - Vogal

Gabriela Pinto - Vogal


Our Team

Laura Vasconcellos - Project Manager

Carolina Vasconcellos - Project Manager | International Cooperation Department

Priscila Vasconcelos - Graphic Designer


Our Team in Kenya

Carolina Vasconcellos - Project Manager | Local Coordinator

Anthony Ngari Waiharo - Project Manager | Director of the Wanalea Children’s Home

Silvester Mbevi - Local Partner | President of the Foundation for Orphaned Children

Victoria Sitawa Wasilwa - Manager of the Wanalea Children’s Home

Petronilla Syombua - Matron of the Wanalea Children’s Home

Maimuna Ali - Teacher and Social Worker at the Wanalea Children’s Home


ADDHU's Team in Nepal

Prakash Karki - Local Partner | President of Ahead Nepal