In May 2007, ADDHU launched a house rehabilitation program in Nepal’s rural area of Rampur. The first rehabilitated house belongs to the Karki family, which is composed by 7 members. This family used to live in very small shack, with no conditions, which they used to share with a cow and where they slept on the dirt and mud floor. Now, they live in a house with all the necessary conditions (space, basic sanitation, electric system, etc.), and this has enabled them have a better life, with more dignity and less difficulties, significantly improving the health and school performance of the children by eliminating the diseases and infections which they were constantly affected by, due to the previous lack of hygiene conditions.

Projecto de Reabilitação de Casas em Zonas Rurais   Projecto de Reabilitação de Casas em Zonas Rurais
Before                                                  After


Together with the rehabilitation of the house, the necessary amount was given to the family, in a microcredit system, to implement a small fruit business, therefore increasing the family’s income, until then entirely supported by the work and modest salary of the older son, teacher in the village community school and whose monthly income is about 2100 Nepalese rupees, i.e., about 25 Euros.

Projecto de Reabilitação de Casas em Zonas Rurais

The second house was reconstructed in October of 2010, with the help of a group of portuguese volunteers.

The house belongs to a family of three, composed by the mother, who is a widow, and her 2 children (an eight-year old boy and a six-year old girl).The Sunar family was living in the extreme poverty, in a small shack made out of soil and a thatched roof, with no hygiene conditions or basic sanitation. The mother, after loosing her husband, was left without any stable source of income and now depends on some small and occasional jobs to provide food and education for her children.

We would like to thank all the volunteers who participated in the Namasté Program. Without them, none of this would be possible. Your donations helped in providing this unique opportunity to this family, giving them the hope for a better future. Thank you for giving a loving home to the Sunar family, where they can live with dignity.


The rural community of the region of Chitwan is living in very precarious conditions, in small and degraded hovels that they share with the animals they possess, with no isolation, invariably exposed to weather conditions, to high and low temperatures, in a total absence of comfort, basic sanitation system, electricity, and in conditions that are below and don’t respect human dignity.

Five houses have been identified and selected, according to a range of criteria based upon number, occupation and health conditions of the family members on one hand, and house conditions (including level of deterioration) on the other hand. We have given priority to families of widows with young children or families with disabled people.

Projecto de Reabilitação de Casas em Zonas Rurais   Projecto de Reabilitação de Casas em Zonas Rurais

Overall Objectives:

1. Contribute to the reduction of health problems that result from the poor infrastructures and the inexistence of basic sanitation.

2. Contribute to the reduction of poverty and the asymmetries between developing countries and developed countries, improving the living conditions of the poor population of the rural regions of Nepal, therefore promoting their development.

Projecto de Reabilitação de Casas em Zonas Rurais

This program is currently suspended due to the lack of funds.

For more information, please contact:

Carolina Vasconcellos
International Project Manager
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