It is our belief, at ADDHU, that artistic expression is an excellent and universal language to raise awareness on Human Rights, by using less conventional means which integrate, somehow, the day-to-day life of people, and to implement original events which call upon the public’s attention in a positive manner. The main objectives of all projects developed within this program are always to raise awareness using arts and raising funds for ADDHU’s other programs.


  • Inocente Silêncio - Innocent Silence, a play written and staged by Laura Vasconcellos at the Teatro da Comuna in Lisbon, during the month of March 2009, about the sexual exploitation and human trafficking of young girls and children in Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Burma. This play allowed us to raise awareness towards the problem of human trafficking and sexual slavery in several Asian countries, while raising funds for ADDHU’s projects and programs of humanitarian relief. We would like to thank all the professionals and actors who collaborated with ADDHU as volunteers, making all this possible!


  • Photography exhibitions by Laura Vasconcellos, raising awareness towards important human rights issues around the world, as well as funds for our projects.



  • 1st Concert cycle "Give your Voice for Human Rights"

May and June 2008, at the Caixa Económica Operária and Maxime (Lisbon),
with 4 nights of music and party:
Hip-Hop Night, African Night, Reggae Night and Rock Night



October 2009 at the Maxime (Lisbon), with the participation of Lura,
Irmãos Verdades, Kimi Djabaté and Freddy Locks



  • 2nd Concert cycle "Give your Voice for Human Rights"

João Xavier, Piano Concert, Palácio de Queluz, July 5th 2015 

Caixa de Pandora, Palácio Foz, October 30th 2015





  • Institutional partnerships: ADDHU support artistic projects by actively participating in the creation and/or promotion of the projects 

Medeia Filmes - TIMBUKTU - Abderrahmane Sissako (2105) 

Vidas de A a Z - EU SOU MEDITERRÂNEO - Sílvia Raposo e Mónica Gomes (2016)


 ADDHU would like to thank all the artists who participated 

in this initiative and contributed for a better world!

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