“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

(Nelson Mandela)

Because we strongly believe that education is the only way to change society and build a better world, we have created a program of Education for Human Rights and Global Citizenship, in order to promote and create a global civic consciousness among the Portuguese students and youngsters, informing and raising awareness towards important issues related to Human Rights and their violations, our duties as citizens of the world, social justice and the respect for diversity.

Our objective is to show to the young Portuguese, using our field experience, the reality lived by the populations of other countries less developed, which often involves a deep disrespect for human rights. By developing a spirit of greater acceptance and tolerance, of solidarity, cooperation and respect towards the differences and human dignity, we hope to create future change producing agents, active, informed and participating citizens in the fight against discrimination, intolerance and social injustice.


Main issues addressed during the sessions:

  • Responsibility, solidarity and civic behavior: our rights and our duties;

  • Human Rights violations in developing countries namely the countries where ADDHU has implemented projects of Cooperation for Development and Humanitarian Assistance (Kenya and Nepal);

  • What we can do to fight injustice and Human Rights violations: institutions, organisms and instruments of Human Rights advocacy and defense.
  • Women and Children’s Rights: street children in Nairobi’s slums in Kenya, Female Genital Mutilation in Africa, child soldiers in Africa and Asia, namely Burma;

  • Living in extreme poverty conditions, the slums of Nairobi and the rural communities of Chitwan in Nepal;

  • Cooperation for Development and Humanitarian Aid: the role of the NGOs and the fieldwork of ADDHU in Kenya and Nepal; international volunteering in Kenya and Nepal.





  1. Workshops round tables and debate sessions; practical exercises and activities that promote the active participation of all the students and teachers.

  2. Projection of selected movies that focus on Human Rights issues and video and photographic material produced by ADDHU and captured during our field missions in Kenya and Nepal, followed by a debate.

  3. Cultural Exchange Program between Portuguese students and the children of the Wanalea Children’s Home: writing letters, sending photos and small videos, presents and drawings, etc.

  4. Kids with cameras: human rights education activity that takes the kid to the streets of Lisbon with cameras, combining arts and human rights awareness.

  5. Literature and Arts in the Human Rights perspective.

  6. Human Rights Observatories.

This program is being implemented with secondary schools from the district of Lisbon

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