March 17th 2014 was a very special and unforgettable day for the Wanalea Family: we moved!




This was a longtime dream that ADDHU had for the children on the Wanalea Children's Home since, with the increase of the number of children, the old house no longer offered conditions to live up to the standards established for this project. 

Offering much more space, with a large garden and more than 6 bedrooms, the new Wanalea Family house is located in Rimpe, the same area as the old house. This way, we did not have to transfer the children to another school.

We have no words to describe the children's happiness and joy when they moved to their new home. With UCI's help, we were also able to buy new mattresses and beds for all the children, as well as tables, chairs and sofas. Since the garden is very big, we were able to improve our vegetable garden where we planted a great variety of vegetables: tomatoes, onions, leeks, green bell peppers, spinach, etc.


Thank you UCI for helping us make one more dream come true!


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